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Monday - Karaoke $3.25 24oz Bud W/Dj Suzee and Sean

Tuesday - Karaoke $3.25 24oz Bud W/ Dj Suzee and Josh

Wednesday- 1$ Wells 9pm-12pm W/Josh

Thursday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Friday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Saturday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Sunday - 1$ Mimosa's 2$ Bloody Mary's w/Sean

Free Pool - daily until 7pm Monday - Friday

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February 2012 Cheers of San Diego


Our favorite time of year, where we all celebrate what it means to drink, Three Olives Vodka for only4$ that is ridiculous. Don't deny yourself what your entitled to,and be sinful. Come out in the tradition of what we like to call getting Trevored, what is Trevored? Don't worry it will all make sense once you get here. Also making its premier to the Cheers bar is new carpet, we say goodbye to the old one which has been around longer than even our oldest regulars, needless to say, take your shoes off before coming in, and Happy Mardi Gras!!!

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