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Monday - Karaoke $3.25 24oz Bud W/Dj Suzee and Sean

Tuesday - Karaoke $3.25 24oz Bud W/ Dj Suzee and Josh

Wednesday- 1$ Wells 9pm-12pm W/Josh

Thursday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Friday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Saturday - Varied Promo Specials w/Lucas

Sunday - 1$ Mimosa's 2$ Bloody Mary's w/Sean

Free Pool - daily until 7pm Monday - Friday

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May at Cheers of San Diego 2012

It was an amazing Cinco De Mayo here at Cheers as we all drank our tequila and squandered away another holiday on booze, this is one for the record book, sombreros were plentiful and there was a plethra of San Diego's finest men coming and going. A Cornucopia of beautiful heina's also made thier way. In the end all was safe and well.... Memorial day is upon us and 3 day weekends at Cheers in San Diego are always great way to end a winter and begin the summer. Joing us for our huge Memorial Day extravaganza karaoke night!

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