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The Life of a Male Stripper

Who knew life of stripper was so tuff, Logo has a new show telling the tales of all to tell. A exclusive sneak peak for our Cheers people.

Alien Craft caught on camera hovering above Iran

The Cheers Hand Hug!

Hi everyone, if you have been to Cheers lately you may have been hand hugged. This is a way of showing our love for eachother at Cheers. Here is a how to Video for all those who have not learned to hand hug or just need a quick tutorial. 

LaVonnawanna Dahlah ...of San Diego reading

Yess.... I feel you should listen to this advice! LOL

Why you should go to Cheers in San Diego instead of a Rave!

Makes completely perfect sense to me, sounds like its time to get down to Cheers and get shitfaced!